If you’re like me and just about every other person in the world, we share something in common. We all love to eat great tasting food. Have you ever found yourself arguing with your friends, family, or significant other about where to go for your next meal? I sure have. That’s why I’m going to take you on a journey to find some of the best eating spots in Hayes county.

My name is Corey Dockery and I’m a junior at Texas State University. When I’m not in class I’m with my friends looking for the best spots to chow down. After a few years of eating around San Marcos, I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert at all the local food spots. As I continue to explore new restaurants I hope you’ll be able to expand your dinner suggestions, and that I‘ll be able to share pieces of food history with you all.

Now this isn’t just for people who can’t decide on dinner, but it’s for anyone who hasn’t been able to explore San Marcos and all that it can offer. Feel free to check out a great review of one of my favorite spots, Pie Society, right here . Luke does a great job showcasing the best things about Pie Society and what it has to offer.

That’s all for this post my fellow food lovers. Feel free to follow the rest of my blog posts or follow me on Twitter to stay updated.

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